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Advertising Inflatables
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•  The KING of cold-air ADVERTISING Inflatables When you really, really need to stand above the crowd. Try the King. Kong Balloons are our most popular rental inflatables. Need 40 feet of fearsome frame. Try our King of the Kong Balloon, his shipping weight is over 800lbs. Need something a little softer? Try QUEENIE, our adorable 27' tall LADY KONG inflatable.

•  Gorilla Balloons, Monkey Balloons and other advertising inflatables can really attract customers and they work for almost any occasion or no occasion. You need to grab people driving by? Give a Gorilla Balloon a try!

•  Banners can be added to almost any kong balloon or gorilla balloon.
Don't see what you need? Give the Big Balloon Kahuna a call!
Every Kind of Advertising Inflatable KONGS available to purchase or rent.

Kong Advertising Inflatables

Advertising balloons are great traffic builders.

Kong Inflatables - Orange Kong - Cool Kong Kong Advertising Balloons - 30ft. Boxing Kong - for sale and rent Kong Advertising Inflatables - 25ft. Red Kong balloon
Advertising balloons, giant balloons and custom shape balloons WORK!

Advertising balloons are what you need? A Giant "ALIEN" advertising balloon for your event or a 30' "Uncle Sam" inflatable for Independence Day? We have the largest rental fleet of cold-air and helium balloons and inflatables in the World.

Need a 30' Angel parade balloon? Give us a call.

Need a 30' Boxing Kong for a grudge match with your competitor? Give us a call!

World's Largest Kong inflatable - over 600 lbs - 40' tall and wide. Kong Inflatables - 25ft. Black Kong inflatables available for sale and rent. Kong Inflatables - Queen Kong balloons

We are profesional manufacturers of cold-air gorilla balloons and gorilla inflatables. Our experience recommends us as your future business partner. Call us and ask a free quote about Kong advertising inflatables or custom balloons. We'll deliver your advertising balloon where you want.
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